Sotiris Tsoulos


Sotiris has studied, worked and lived in most diverse and interesting cities in the world. Born and raised in Athens, studied in Glasgow and Vienna during the 90s. Continued his work in Vienna exploring and applying the contemporary central European modernism.

2002 he moved back to Greece where he applied his knowledge on site both as a Site Manager in several Venues of Athens 2004 Olympics and Technical advisor of famed Archeological ephorate of Ancient Olympia. His first contact with MENA was with Hopkins architects in 2005 where he worked in DIFC and established a long standing relationship with the renowned firm. Established his own firm in 2006 and continued to produce complete solutions on residential and hospitality projects. 2012 he moved to Istanbul where he founded and led RMJM ISTANBUL in 6 extremely fruitful and award winning years.

RMJM Istanbul produced Masterplans, High Rise, Mixed Use projects and Hospitality totaling million of built sqm. İn 2018 he moved back to Dubai as Design Director of RMJM leading the company always in shortlisted or winning competitions and awards. He has designed and worked in Greece, Turkey, Austria, Egypt, Bulgaria, Romania, Khazakstan, Iran, Iraq, UAE, KSA (Makkah, Jedah, Riyadh).

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