Al Naseem Community Villa

This contemporary villa fuses modernity and sociability.

Inspired by luxurious modernist architecture, the elevation treatment features a blend of modern and minimalist design elements. It showcases a combination of dark grey metal cornices and white stucco walls. Full-glazed windows are ornamented with timber panels that add an earthy tone. Together with its vast terraces, they connect the interior with the outdoors, creating an inviting and open atmosphere and allowing for a variety of external uses ranging from hosting a dining experience to a yoga session. Pergolas become a key feature of the design providing shade to the bedroom terraces and communal dining experiences in the garden throughout the day.

The design is centred on an entrance axis, leading to the family living room and kitchen, while directing the views toward the garden and the swimming pool. A central outdoor courtyard elevates the arrival encounter and offers a level of privacy between the majlis and the family living areas. The majlis and guest room being discreetly separated from the family areas can function independently with separate serviced access.

The villa offers three bedrooms on the upper floor, a contemporary kitchen, and communal spaces that elicit luxury. Using sliding doors and extensive glazing, boundaries between the inside and outside world blur to encourage interaction and shared experiences. A neutral colour palette, bespoke oak veneer furniture, travertine porcelain tiles in earthy tones and a whitewashed paint effect evoke a sense of tranquillity.

Abu Dhabi, UAE
800 sqm
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