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TTZ CES LLC is an international Architectural practice and Project Management company established in 2021 in UAE, by Architects Sotirios Tsoulos and Despina Tampakopoulou, having more than 25 years of international experience and have been leading top companies in their sectors for the past decade.

We specialize in Master planning, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Project Management and Construction Supervision Services. We have the capacity to provide Lead Consultancy Services embracing all facets from advisory, economic and planning to design, construction supervision.

 This enables us to deliver our customers total solutions, with emphasis on sustainability, safety, constructability, risk mitigation and effective life-costing.

We provide our clients with innovative solutions tailored to projects with particular requirements and specialized scopes. To accomplish our vision, we rely on our highly qualified resources, technology and our vast experience in project delivery.

Our collaborations span globally, and our projects are currently in UAE, KSA, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece.

Managing Partner


Julia Baltsavia

Associate Architect

Yaman Kabakbji

Senior Architect

George Thomas


Hashim Hussain


Nishanth Rao


Ola Abu Ghazaleh


Gokul Sugatha


Ahammed Rinshad


Mohammed Shamil


Priyadharshini V.K


Trishala Vinod


Mohammed Ghazali

Civil Engineer

Mark Angelo


Patricia Palad



a design think-tank that builds

“The current Development and Construction landscape requires a different new age Architectural creative team that distances itself from the notions of studio, office, bureau, atelier, company etc. and embraces the hypertopic future in terms of knowledge and inspiration but the local context in reference to creating the topocentric architecture that inspires, develops, addresses and evolves.”

as an inspiration,
as a result,
as a methodology

We always aim beyond our scope and design for our works to integrate the communities, the cities, the societies, our design aims to connect, to mix, to allow for organic growth and embrace the future. Our proposals  go  beyond the  brief  to ensure the balance of user, developer and city. None of the 3 thrives alone, establishing the balance is the base of our design. Integration of information, all our works are informed from the construction restraints or opportunities, our projects are created to be built firstly and above all.

as an ethos,
as a compass,
as a need

Our promise is to contribute:  to society, to nature, to the city, to the user, to the developer, to the future. All our works have to contribute more and beyond the expected, they have to stitch together the damaged city fabric, they have to promote freedom and serenity, they have to embrace growth and activity and more than anything they have to protect and evolve their context.

as a rule,
as a tool,
as an advantage

TTZ is a tight group led by 3 Partners with international awards with more than 25 years of experience, the frame is managed centrally and the relationships with our clients are personal. We love Architecture and that cannot be contained in the traditional format of corporate offices as it is today. Each project is a personal relationship that we treat with sensitivity and respect. We are there always, we address, influence and attend to the needs not as managers but as main consultants providing solutions.


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