Luxury Mediterranean Villa

Seamlessly integrates the cubistic volumes with contemporary design, creating a residence that epitomizes sophistication and functionality. The villa’s layout is meticulously organized around an entrance axis, directing panoramic vistas toward the landscape while discreetly distinguishing communal and family spaces. A harmonious blend of nature and architecture is achieved through an internal green atrium, a unique feature accessible from the basement level, enhancing the arrival experience and infusing natural light into the heart of the home.

The villa’s layout revolves around an entrance axis, strategically framing views of the landscape and creating a sense of direction throughout the residence. The internal green atrium, accessible from the basement level, serves as a captivating backdrop to family living areas while providing natural light and ventilation to all floors.

The feature stairs intricately weaves together the social spaces of the house, contributing to the overall cohesiveness of the design. The modern open-plan configuration ensures adaptability and seamless connectivity between the Majlis and family living areas, fostering a dynamic and versatile living environment. Additionally, sliding doors effortlessly link indoor and outdoor spaces, providing direct access to a vibrant and verdant garden.

Middle East
1,500 sqm
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