Nawayef Heights - Premium Villa

Mediterranean elegance combined with contemporary design is at the sole of this villa. Its layout is organized around an entrance axis, thoughtfully directing vistas toward the landscape and discreetly separating communal from family spaces. The arrival experience is enhanced by an internal green atrium accessible from the basement level, which allows natural light and ventilation to deeper parts of the building on all floors, while it works as a backdrop to the family living areas. This is complemented by a bespoke staircase stitching all social areas of the house.

Outdoor amenities include a large living area, a pool deck, and a green canyon at the basement level, facilitating social gatherings with varying levels of privacy. Sliding doors seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, providing access to a lush garden.

The fa├žade mirrors the internal organization, with warm travertine tones on the communal floor blending with white stucco on the private upper floor. Modern mashrabiyas adorn the entrance hallway, offering shading and local aesthetic features. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and timber sliding screens provide further functionality. Internally, sustainable materials such as white marble and natural stone enhance the floors, creating an opulent ambiance, complemented by furniture in warm tones for a harmonious feel.

Abu Dhabi, UAE
1,000 sqm
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