Nawayef Homes - Mediterranean Villas

The architecture is a modern approach with balanced proportions to create a new type of comfortable yet luxuriously designed space. It is a celebration of indoor-outdoor living, encouraging a sense of unity with the surroundings.

The elevation treatment draws inspiration from Mediterranean architectural heritage, featuring a stucco-clad façade adorned with natural stone and crafted metal or timber details. Large windows and covered terraces ensure natural light and optimal cross-ventilation, addressing the region’s warm climate. Shading screens adorning the balconies can be used as per the owner’s needs, while a lightweight pergola offers adequate shading to the outdoor living areas.

Within the villa, the interior theme is designed to cater to the modern family’s needs. An open-plan layout and an open bespoke staircase promote interaction between the floors. Living areas are strategically oriented to face the garden with a pool while more private areas are located to the front of the house camouflaged by green pockets.

Internally, a natural colour palette is reminiscent of the Mediterranean’s earthy warmth. Timber finishes, light colours and balanced use of greenery infuse the space with a sense of serenity.

Abu Dhabi, UAE
345 sqm
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