Nawayef Luxury Aegean Mansions

A blend of contemporary design and Mediterranean charm, the design focuses on open and airy living spaces that embrace the natural beauty of the surroundings. Positioned strategically with extensive glazing, it captures 360-degree views of the hill, sea, and Abu Dhabi city, offering some of the most scenic perspectives of the region.

Characterized by clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, the mansion features light sand travertine surfaces on the facade with contemporary dark brass mashrabiya details, providing both decoration and shading. Outdoor spaces cater to social gatherings, leisure, and reflection, ensuring varied levels of privacy. Large glass windows and sliding doors enhance the sense of spaciousness, and a metal roof offers shade to rooftop terrace activities.

Internally, the design centers around an entrance axis, guiding views towards the landscape. A central green atrium enhances the arrival experience, providing natural light, ventilation, and outdoor communal space, while discreetly dividing the public from the more private areas. The open-plan layout fosters togetherness, with the option to create more private areas using pocket doors and bespoke standalone furniture. Separate entrances to key living spaces allow for flexibility, catering to the owner’s preferences.

Abu Dhabi, UAE
2,000 sqm
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