TTZ proudly celebrates its collaboration with Nike in designing over a dozen iconic stores across Saudi Arabia, each ranging in size from 460 sqm. to 1,350 sqm. 

Nike – Red Sea Mall is a showcase of innovation, blending digital screens and displays to create captivating moments for shoppers. This design not only enhances the shopping experience but also reinforces the Nike brand identity in a dynamic way. It represents TTZ’s commitment to integrating technology seamlessly into architectural design to engage customers.

Similarly, Nike – Nakheel Mall follows a visually appealing interface that draws customers into the store. The design at Nike Nakheel Mall mirrors the latest global Nike store concepts, designed to create an immersive and welcoming environment. TTZ’s approach ensures that each store reflects the unique identity of Nike while catering to local tastes and preferences.

These projects underscore TTZ’s skill in crafting retail spaces that blend innovative design with practical functionality, all aimed at improving the customer experience and reinforcing Nike’s brand presence throughout Saudi Arabia.

460 – 1,350 sqm
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